Two Ways Female Franchise Owners Can Punch Through Uncertain Times

I had a dream to make wines from grapes sourced from all over the world and to share my passion with the people of Northwest Montana. I signed my lease in December 2019 before immigrating to the United States with my son. When COVID brought the world to a screeching halt, my husband was forced to remain in Canada for … Read More

Making Sense of all the Different Types of Wine Glasses

A glass is a glass is a glass…No? No. A wine glass is as individual as a thumbprint. Well, maybe not that unique, but close. There are thousands of styles of glass to choose from when drinking your favorite vino so let’s break them down into something manageable. Read Full Article

Christmas, Wine and Everything Fine!

Christmas dinner is an event where friends and family gather to enjoy good food, a fair share of tipsy juice, and good company. This year, take your family and friends on an epic journey of taste sensations with a few carefully selected wine pairings. Read Full Article

Waters Edge Winery & Bistro Of Kalispell, Mt Honored With Kalispell Chamber Of Commerce’s “2021 Small/Medium Business Of The Year” Award

Waters Edge Wineries today announced that its location in Kalispell, MT has been awarded “Business of the Year” in the small/medium business category by the Kalispell Chamber of Commerce. Owner Angela Zuba was recognized at The Grand Event, an annual banquet and auction known as the largest business event in northwest Montana. Since opening Waters Edge Winery & Bistro of … Read More

How To Be The Host With The Most – Host a Wine Tasting!

Finding something unique to do at home with friends as temperatures drop can be tough! Game night, dinner and drinks, and totties around the fire are all tried and true, but why not spice it up and host a wine tasting? Read Full Article

The Fountain of Youth Red Wine

Wine: One of the oldest drinks in the history of mankind. It’s delicious, and you’re sure to impress at dinner parties if you can whip out a few fun facts. Even the biggest wine fans may not have heard of a fantastic compound called resveratrol. It’s a pretty big deal in both the wine industry and medical profession. So what … Read More

What’s Really Up With Wine Sulfites? Fact or Fiction?

As a vintner and owner of a Winery I have a lot of conversations about wine. One of the most common topics that come up is sulfites. “Sulfites give me headaches”, “Sulfites make me sick the next day,” “I’m allergic to sulfites…” and on it goes. I’d like to bring some clarity around this topic. The history, the myths and … Read More

Weddings Weddings Weddings & Wine!

Wedding season is upon us! Just as important as the dress, the flowers & the venue is the wine. But how to choose? There are nearly countless varietals to pick from and just like the number of varietals available there are an equal number of opinions on what is the “best” wine. A person’s palate is as unique as their … Read More

Is Wine Really The Fountain Of Youth?

Wine. One of the oldest drinks in the history of mankind. It tastes great and if you know a little about it can make you seem pretty smart when touting facts at a dinner party. But what I would like to talk about today is word most haven’t heard of. The word is RESVERATROL and it is a pretty big … Read More