Bistro Menu


    • Tapas & Sharable

    • Greek Tacos


      Juicy & flavorful shredded turkey, tomato, cucumber, red onion & lettuce topped with soft feta & tzatziki in a flour tortilla (3 tacos) – Pairs well with the American Coot White

    • Spicy Street Tacos


      Spicy shredded chicken, avocado, pickled red onion, corn, black beans & cheddar topped with cool avocado cilantro sauce in a flour tortilla. (3 tacos) – Pairs well with the Ruddy Turnstone Red

    • Smashed Guacamole


      Made to order creamy, yet tangy guacamole, fresh house made salsa and chips. – Pairs well with the Ruby Crowned Kinglet Red

    • Jalapeno Poppers


      Fresh Jalapeno's, halved & stuffed with our house made white wine cheese & bacon bits. Baked to order & drizzled with a cooling fruit preserve alongside juicy grapes. Pairs well with the Siberian Accentor

    • Hummus Trio


      Gourmet, small batch hummus flavors. Served with warm baguette, chips & assorted olives. – Pairs well with the Black Swift Red or Surf Scoter Sangria

    • Artisan Oils & Vinegar with Soft Dipping Bread


      Soak up unique oil and vinegar pairings made right here in Montana! Served with soft bread & olives. – Pairs well with the Golden Eye Red or Pygmy Nuthatch Sangria

    • Gourmet Charcuterie

      Lrg $35
      Sm $19

      The perfect sharing plate to enjoy with any wine! A generous variety of gourmet cured meats, cheese, almonds, fruit preserve, olives, pickled treats & crackers. – Pairs well with the Gadwall Red or Caspian Tern White

    • Sinful Cheeseboard

      Lrg $29
      Sm $16

      A great way to bring out the flavors in the wine! An assortment of deluxe cheese with fruit preserve, chocolate treats, white wine grain mustard, grapes & crackers. – Pairs well with the Scarlet Tanager or Black Duck Red

    • Baked White WIne Cheese Dip


      The perfect blend of savory cream cheese, cheddar & American, a special blend of spices enhanced with our Chardonnay then baked to piping hot deliciousness. Served with warm bread & tortilla chips. – Pairs well with any Chardonnay

    • Loaded Nachos


      Tri-colored chips layered with whole milk mozzarella, red onion, tangy peppers, black olives & tomatoes. Baked to perfection then drizzled with a creamy cool avocado cilantro sauce. House made salsa on the side. Add chicken - $3 – Pairs well with the Black Backed Gull

    • Pizzetta

      Gluten free crust add $4

    • The Forest Floor


      All the flavors of fall! A thin crust cradles brown sugar & spice, crisp apples, salty prosciutto, crunchy walnuts & a dusting of fresh parmigiano. Topped with balsamic glaze & fresh greens. Pairs well with Caspian Tern white or Golden Eye red.

    • Feel Good


      Mmmm…give me the meat! Hearty pepperoni slices, crispy bacon & red onion on a tangy tomato base with whole mozzarella. Pairs well with Whippoorwill Red

    • Chicken Basil


      A rich base of basil pesto carries perfectly smoked chicken, spinach & a blend of whole mozzarella & manchego cheese. – Pairs well with any Sauvignon Blanc.

    • Aloha


      A brown sugar & spice glaze provides the base for bourbon soaked ham, smoked Gouda, sweet pineapple, mild banana peppers & fresh tomatoes. – Pairs well with any Sangria

    • The Tall - T


      A zippy yet rich artisan garlic base, topped with whole mozzarella, Swiss, green olives, spinach & crunch crumbled almonds. Not your usual flavors but oh so tasty! – Pairs well with the Gadwall Red

    • Sandwiches & Panini's

      Served with fresh spring mix & house made artisan vinaigrette. Gluten free multi grain bread add $2

    • The Banner Sandwich


      Named after the Wine Club Member who created it! Loads of turkey, bacon, avocado, tomato and smoked Gouda all smothered in a peppercorn gourmaise sauce. Toasted on a soft hoagie bun. – Pairs well with the Crimson Rosella Red or Glossy Ibis Sangria

    • Port Soaked Prime Rib Aujus


      Freshly shaved port-soaked prime rib piled atop a rich & creamy mild horseradish sauce topped with tomato & swiss. Toasted on a soft hoagie bun. Served with Au Jus. – Pairs well with the Great Blue Heron Red

    • DylBano Pressed Sandwich


      Our spin on the classic Cubano! Champagne mustard dresses genoa salami, tender ham, Dill Havarti & of course dill pickles pressed in a soft hoagie. Created by Chef Dylan! – Pairs well with the Love Dove Brut.

    • Cinnamon Apple Spiced Panini


      Thin slices of crisp apple with bourbon ham, brown sugar cinnamon sauce & smoked gouda. A warm and hearty classic! Pairs well with the Sagebrush Cider

    • Toasted BTA Panini


      Crispy bacon, juicy tomatoes and creamy avocado with a spicy chipotle gourmaise sauce. Rye or Sourdough. – Pairs well with the Tundra Swan or any Pinot Grigio

    • Turkey, Brie & Cranberry Panini


      Oven roasted turkey, French brie & cranberry panini. Succulent turkey breast piled high with loads of melty brie and cranberry sauce. Rye or Sourdough. – Pairs well with the White Winged Dove Almond Brut or Black Vulture Red

    • Mediterranean Panini


      Tender chipotle chicken shaved thin but plentiful, married with a rich basil pesto, tomatoes, onions & smoked gouda, toasted to perfection. Rye or Sourdough – Pairs well with the Scarlet Tanager Red

    • Salads

    • Smoky Chicken Salad


      Fresh spring mix tossed in our house vinaigrette. Topped with crumbled bacon, smoky chicken & salty feta. Served with warm toasty bread. – Pairs well with the Calliope Red or Siberian Accentor White

    • Turkey Spinach Salad


      Crisp & buttery spinach with house pomegranate herb vinaigrette, topped with black forest turkey, French brie, cranberries, crushed almonds & warm toasty bread. – Pairs well with Love Dove Brut

    • Spicy Beef Burrito Bowl


      Slow cooked shaved prime rib, ripe avocado, crisp greens, sweet corn, black beans, house made salsa & cheddar over tender basmati rice. Drizzled with a balanced horsey chipotle sauce. The right amount of KICK! Pairs well with the Yellow Billed Cuckoo or Black Vulture

    • Life Is Short - Eat Dessert First!

    • House Made Red Wine Infused Chocolate Truffles


      Premium chocolate, heavy cream & oh the red wine! Almond & cranberry truffles served over decadent chocolate hummus alongside juicy grapes. 8 truffles – rich, sweet & perfect to share! Pairs great with the Northern Flicker Ice Wine.

    • Chocolate Peanut Butter Tarts


      4 house made rich & smooth white wine peanut butter & chocolate tarts atop sweet fruit preserve. Each tart has a special treat embedded! – Pair it with the Ruby Crowned Kinglet for the PB&J of your dreams!

    • Skillet Cookie


      A soft, warm and gooey cookie baked to order in a cast iron skillet (Cookie flavor varies). Topped with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream & drizzled with fruit glaze. – Pairs well with any red wine.