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Red Wines


Releasing March 2024
15 | 39
A bright ruby colored Chilean Pinot Nor with delicate berry aromas. Medium bodied and supple with a hint of herbs, the mouthfeel is very elegant with soft tannins and a subtle oak finish.


14 | 37

From the Rhone region of France. Grenache, Syrah & Piquepoul grapes combine to produce a balance between fruity & earthy. This wine offers candied fruit aromas as well as hints raspberry, pepper & licorice all rounded out with floral notes.

Coopers Hawk

13 | 36
Medium bodied, lightly oaked. Notes of black currant & cherry. Soft mouth feel and a clean finish. A fantastic appetizer wine.

Red Eyed Viero

13 | 36

This Spanish Tempranillo is medium-bodied & savory. Has flavors of cherry, dried fig & cedar, with hints of leather & spices.

Areni Armenian Red

Exclusive Limited Release

18 | 48

According to the book of Genesis, Armenia is where Noah's Ark first rested following the Great Flood in the Ararat mountains. The first thing Noah did was plant vineyards, thus began the history of Armenian Wine. Grown in volcanic soil and matured in Armenian and french oak for 14 months. The result is a medium bodied wine with aromas of cherry and raspberry layered against soft oak derived notes of cacao and fresh roasted coffee.

Ruby Crowned Kinglet

13 | 36

This blend of Chilean Rojo & Old Vine Zinfandel is dark purple in color with a nose of blackberry jam melded with creamy vanilla aromas. Rich & smooth with a long, yet fruit forward finish.

Black Duck

15 | 40
From the Coonawarra Region of Australia, this Cabernet Sauvignon is medium bodied, yet dry & incredibly rich on the nose with notes of black plum, white pepper & toasted cedar. Pairing well with cured meats & smoky cheese.

Ruddy Turnstone

13 | 35

Deep crimson Chilean Carmenere, with cherry aroma, running to a smoky, spicy finish. With medium body & moderate tannins, this wine drinks well young & improves with age.

Scarlet Tanager

14 | 36

Dark, inky purple color & nuances of ripe plums, black cherry and blackberry give this Argentina Malbec an almost jammy character. Smoke, earth, leather, tobacco along with intriguingly spicy notes make for an interesting medley of aromas & layers of palate complexity

Black Vulture

15 | 39
Moderately American oaked Tannat Syrah blend from Paso Robles. This wine has black berry & licorice on the nose, strong tannins & a smooth mouth feel. Finishes with lingering espresso & spicy cardamom notes.


15 | 38

A classic blend of Syrah, Grenache & Mourvedre grapes from the Langhorne Creek region of Southern Australia. Bold with lingering notes of ripe cherry. Aromas of black fruits & leather. Smooth, with legs for days.

Black Billed Magpie

16 | 42

An assertive Italian blend of Monteplucaino, Amarone & Super Tuscan grapes. Peppery aromas fill the glass as the legs stream thick & robust. Dry with refined tannin's. Licorice & truffle notes are abundant. Holds up well to red meat & strong cheese.

Black Backed Gull

15 | 40
A medium bodied, medium dry Sangiovese from the Dry Creek region of Sonoma. Acidic with tight tannins. Smoke & earth on the nose. Notes of red currant & an herbaceous finish. Enjoy with well-seasoned chicken & sharp cheese.

Great Blue Heron

16 | 43
This Syrah was grown east of the Cascades in California. Black fruit on the nose & palate, medium tannins with hints of black pepper, tobacco & vanilla. Robust & full bodied; stands up well to wild game & strong cheese.

Night Hawk

14 | 36
Full bodied Central Valley California Merlot. Medium oaked, with notes of cherry, plum & chocolate. Moderate tannins yet robust enough to stand up to any hearty meal. Wild game will enhance the flavors.

The Gray Ghost

Exclusive Limited Edition

18 | 48

From Cortona, Tuscany. Bold ruby red with violet hints. Cherry and black currant aroma. Pleasant and light notes of black pepper, tobacco and forest floor. Easy to drink, dry, full-bodied with soft tannins. A stunning wine you’ll come back for again & again!

Zubaliscious! Our Signature Wine!

16 | 43
A sophisticated blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc., Merlot & Petit Syrah grapes from the Bordeaux region of France. Notes of black currant & warm spice. Subtle cedar & chocolate on the nose. Smooth & silky from start to finish.

Peregrine Falcon

Limited Release

15 | 38

Fruit forward Aglianico Barberra from the Campania Region of Southern Italy. An initial sense of berry on the nose with notes of oak & black pepper. Vibrant in the glass with strong tanins, robust nouth feel, dry with a lingering finish. A commanding wine that compliments red meat.

Black Swift Special Reserve

Classic Italian Flavors!
15 | 39
A Nebbiolo from the Piedmont region of Italy is a dry, burly & assertive. Intense flavors give way to notes of strawberries & a floral aroma complemented by rich, earthy truffles.

Golden Eye

15 | 40

A full bodied Amarone with Corvina, Corvinone & Rondinell grapes from the Veneto Region of Italy. Rich aromas of dark fruit & spice with layers of cherry, plum & mocha. Warm oak on the palate with a firm, lingering finish.

Hard Cider

Sample Pack TO GO 18

Oaked Moon

(Tastes like Beer!)

9 on tap only

Hopps & Orange on the nose, hazzy & full bodied just like a real IPA...Beer drinkers rejoice!

Snow Berry

9 on tap only

Raspberry & Lime infused hard cider. Off-dry, crisp & clean. Not too sweet!

Sage Bush

9 on tap only

Huckleberry & Cranberry infused hard cider. Refreshing, mildly tart & dry!

Dessert Wine

Costa's Hummingbird - Port

Limited Release - 375ml bottle

6 | 18

Rich aromas of bourbon & raspberry overtake the senses. Intense full bodied feel in the mouth with pronounced chocolate nuances. Incredibly smooth yet powerful! Best enjoyed in small amounts (3 oz pour) with dark chocolates.

Smoked Wine!

Smoked Wine Glass only select white & red - Ask your Guest Ambassador! Infused with French Oak Smoke. Discover the aromas & flavor of this unique practice. Only available at Waters Edge Winery & Bistro.

White Wines

Tundra Swan

12 | 31
A delicate, Italian Pinot Grigio. Crisp green apple with an undertone of buttery richness on the palate. Perfectly balanced.

Wood Stork

12 | 31

A Light & off dry Riesling from the Yakima Valley. Mildly tart on the finish, reminiscent notes of lime linger. Crystal clear, with nuances of apricot & apple on the nose.

American Rose Finch

12 | 32
A medium bodied, crisp & dry White Zinfandel from the San Joaquin County. Brilliant in color with subtle notes of cherry & strawberry on the nose. A clean, smooth finish - The perfect summer time refresher!

Belted Kingfisher

12 | 33

A German Liebfraumilch with an off-dry pallet. Riesling, Silvaner & Müller-Thurgau grapes. Off-dry with notes of river stone & citrus fruit.

American Coot Reserve

12 | 33
This exquisite California Viognier has intense fruitiness but shows a surprisingly dry and aromatic finish.

Townsend Solitaire

Limited Edition
15 | 39
A French Viognier from the Northern Rhone region. Refreshingly bright on the nose with notes of grapefruit & an undertone of lightly toasted oak. The initial flavor profile is dry & crisp with nuances of ginger & earth on the finish.

Voskehat Armenian White

Exclusive Limited Release

17 | 46

According to the book of Genesis, Armenia is where Noah's Ark first rested following the Great Flood in the Ararat mountains. The first thing Noah did was plant vineyards, thus began the history of Armenian Wine. The Voskehat grape is the Queen of Armenian grapes - crisp & aromatic with notes of melon, citrus & wildflowers. Unique with elegance.

Bohemian Waxwing

Releases late May/early June 2024

13 | 34

A unique blend of Italian Pinot Grigio & Chilean Sauv. Blanc. Smooth & buttery with a complex acidity & notes of berry that linger. The Vintner‘s original Creation!

Meadow Lark

14 | 35

An impressive Napa Valley Chardonnay that packs a punch! Bright acid with notes of pineapple & mango open the bouquet. Light nuances of oak reminiscent of toasted marshmallow tease the palate finishing clean and dry.

Caspian Tern

15 | 39
From the Sonoma Regions, a full-bodied Chardonnay with rich toasted oak and buttery flavors coursing through the wine without reservation.


White Winged Dove

15 | 40
A Bubbly you’ve never tasted before! Delicate Almond enhances this Brut with a hint of sweet to elevate the delicious pop of the bubbles bursting on your tongue! Not your everyday bubbly!

Love Dove

15 | 40

Dry, crisp & delicate bubbles dance on your tongue. A clean finish; delightfully bright!

Sweet Wine

American White Pelican

10 | 23

All the smells of summer vacation packed into a sweet wine! Hints of coconut on the pallet and aromas of rum on the nose. Summer Sipper to beat all Summer Sippers!

Green Tailed Towhee

10 | 23

Mildly tart Pinot Grigio with juicy freshness that reminds you of wading in a cool mountain lake. Notes of apricot & peach dance on your tongue with a crisp finish.

Yellow Billed Cuckoo

10 | 23

Juicy ripe mango Pinot Grigio complemented with a bright citrus twist of grapefruit, orange, & lemon.

Indigo Bunting

10 | 23

Subtle hints of coconut, Yuzu & lime. Its sourness & acidity plays well with the coconut notes & sweetness of this lovely wine.

Red Sapsucker - NEW!

Releasing Late May

10 | 23

Plump strawberries melded with tart kiwi fruit infuse this Merlot & will have you reminiscing of summer all day long!

Purple Martin

10 | 23

The sweet and delicate flavors of dragon fruit marry with a raspberry zest creating an exciting blend in this Shiraz.

Hairy Wood Pecker

10 | 23

Luscious ripe black cherry infused Shiraz. Deliciously juicy with the right amount of sweetness.

Mountain Bluebird

10 | 23

A light bodied, tangy yet juicy Merlot with blueberry flavor running throughout. Subtle notes of cherry & spice enhance the uniqueness of this wildly sassy sipper.

Dusky Grouse

10 | 23

Flavors of light & juicy peach mix with ripe raspberries in this dark Cabernet base making the perfect summer sipper. Brilliantly red in color, fruit forward on the palate & sweet on the nose.

Red Throated Loon

10 | 23

Juicy flavor of ripe black raspberry fills this California Merlot with hoppin' poppin' intensity!


4, 2 oz pours of your choice!

All Red


Combination of Wines


All White


All Sangria (Sweet)


Dine in ~ Events ~ Catering

Monthly Specials

The February Special is here! To warm your entire soul...A piping hot Louisiana Smoked Sausage Skillet! Smokey sausage, green pepper, onion, mushroom, walnuts & creamy fetta...smothered in our house made chocolate bourbon sauce! Served with toasty garlic bread & jalapeno kettle chips! Pairs amazing with our Areni Red Wine!

Bistro Menu

*Proudly serving locally made products from Ceres Bakery & Genesis Kitchen
*Premium meats & cheeses from Boars Head

Shareable / Tapas

Grilled Taquitos


Four soft mini-tortilla’s rolled & grilled with chipotle chicken, diced jalapenos, hot sauce & montery jack cheese. Served with chipotle ranch dip& jalapeno kettle chips.

Smashed Guacamole


Made to order creamy, yet tangy guacamole, fresh house made salsa and chips. – Pairs well with the Ruby Crowned Kinglet Red.

Jalapeno Poppers


Fresh Jalapeno's, halved & stuffed with our house made white wine cheese & bacon bits. Baked to order & drizzled with a cooling fruit preserve alongside juicy grapes. Pairs well with the Siberian Accentor.

Gourmet Charcuterie

Small (Feeds 1-3) $17 Medium (Feeds 3-5) $28
A sharing plate to enjoy with any wine! Gourmet cured meats, European Cheese, nuts, fresh & dried fruits, preserves, pickled goods & crackers.Pairs with any wine!

Baked White Wine Cheese Dip


A blend of cream cheese, cheddar & American, spices & Chardonnay baked to piping hot deliciousness.Served with warm bread & tortilla chips. – Pairs well with any Chardonnay

Loaded Nachos


Tortilla chips layered with mozzarella, red onion, peppers, olives & tomatoes. Baked to perfection. House made salsa & avocado cilantro sauce on the side. Pairs well with the Black Backed Gull

Add chicken - $4

Chicken Quesadilla


Chipotle chicken, tomato & black olives melted in gooey mozza & Spanish Manchego between a pressed tortilla. Served with house salad, fresh salsa & cilantro avocado sauce.

Shrimp Tacos

3 Tacos


Cajun shrimp piled high in a flour tortilla (3 tacos) with house made salsa, chipotle ranch, feta and greens.Served with chips and salsa – Pairs well with the Townsend Solitaire White

Street Tacos

3 Tacos


Spicy shredded chicken, avocado, house made pickled red onion, corn, black beans & cheddar topped with avocado cilantro sauce in a flour tortilla. – Pairs well with the Ruddy Turnstone Red


12' thin crust with flavor popping toppings! Gluten Free Crust add $4.50

Shrimp Scampi


A fun spin on an old classic! White wine cream cheese base with lime chipotle shrimp, mozza, basil pesto, parm & parsley – Pairs well with the Mourning Dove Peach Mango Sparkling.

Chicken Basil


A rich base of basil pesto carries smoked chicken, spinach & a blend of whole mozzarella & swiss cheese. – Pairs well with the White Rumped Sandpiper.

Pepperoni Mushroom


Savory pepperoni slices, plump mushroom over our Zippy tomato base, whole milk mozza & feta. - Pairs well with the American Coot.

Meat Lovers Rejoice


Zippy tomato base, whole milk mozza, pepperoni, ham, bacon & salami topped with chipotle gouda cheese. - Pairs well with the Black Billed Magpie.

Hand Helds

Served with fresh spring mix & house made artisan vinaigrette. Gluten free multi grain bread add $3

Italian Pressed Wrap


Italian Salami, Sopresata, Proscuitto, tomato, black olives, banana peppers, mozza & our house vinagarette pressed until warm & melty –Pairs well with the Love Dove Brut.

Spicy Loaded Beef Burrito


A soft tortilla stuffed with port-soaked prime rib, cheddar, avocado, spinach, corn & black beans then grilled to perfection. Served with Chips& Salsa. - Pairs well with Zubalicious Red or Townsend Solitaire.

The Banner Sandwich


Loads of turkey, bacon, avocado, tomato & smoked Gouda all smothered in a peppercorn gourmaise sauce. Toasted on a soft hoagie bun. –Pairs well with the Ruby Crowned Kinglet.

Port Soaked Prime Rib Aujus


Freshly shaved port-soaked prime rib piled atop a rich & creamy mild horseradish sauce, tomato & swiss. Toasted on a soft hoagie bun.Served with Aujus. – Pairs well with the Great Blue Heron.

Bacon, Ham & Mushroom Melt


Thinly sliced Bourbon Ham, smokey bacon, fresh mushrooms, Swiss Cheese & Peppercorn gourmaise. Pairs well with the Oaked Moon Cider.

Toasted BTA Panini


Crispy bacon, juicy tomatoes and creamy avocado with a spicy chipotle gourmaise sauce on Sourdough. – Pairs well with the Tundra Swan.

Turkey, Brie & Cranberry Panini


Succulent turkey breast topped with melty brie and cranberry sauce on Sourdough. – Pairs well with the White Winged Dove Almond Brut orBlack Vulture.


Chicken Bacon Caesar Salad


A meal sized salad with scratch made Caesar dressed romaine, mildly spicy chicken, bacon, croutons &parm. Served with garlic toast.

Smokey Chicken Salad


Fresh spring mix tossed in our house vinaigrette. Topped with crumbled bacon, smoky chicken & salty feta. Served with warm toasty bread. – Pairs well with the Calliope Red or Siberian Accentor White


Skillet Cookie


A soft, warm and gooey cookie baked to order in a cast iron skillet (Cookie flavor varies). Topped with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream & drizzled with fruit glaze. – Pairs well with any red wine.
*Availability and Pricing Subject to Change Without Notice. In any discrepancy, the point of sale at the physical Winery will be used as the most up to date information. Please verify availability & pricing with your server when ordering take out.